Future Blood Testing Network Plus aims to build a multi-disciplinary community to develop digital health technologies for remote, rapid, affordable and inclusive monitoring and personalised analytics. The network plus is funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Blood testing is one of the most common types of medical test to assess various aspects of health status. Around 95% of clinical pathways rely on patients having access to efficient, timely and cost-effective pathology services. An important role in the future for remote blood monitoring that would enable patients and health professionals to carry out their own tests remotely, greatly benefiting patients and speeding up decision making.

The Future Blood Network+ aims to cultivate a community of researchers, clinicians, patients and industrialists engaged in addressing the challenges of inclusive blood monitoring and personalised analytics to manage diseases more effectively.

We have identified three key technology challenges for our Network: remote monitoring, information and communication technology, personalised analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

We also identified clinical and healthcare application areas which include but not limited to cancer, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, heart disease, drug and treatment monitoring, as well as primary care, pathology and perioperative care services.

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