We will be organising the following types of Events (listed below) throughout the duration of the Network+. A full list of the events we are planning can be found on our Future Blood Testing Events Page.

Proposed Network Events:

  • Collaborative Research Workshops: We are planning to hold 3 two-day workshops aiming at stimulating collaborative research to address the opportunities and barriers identified in the clinical exemplar areas and our landscape reports. These will be open-to-all from a wide range of disciplines and stakeholders.
  • Subject Specific Workshops: There will be follow-on subject-specific workshops after the Network workshop for research project development.
  • Online Seminars: We will also be putting together online seminars on specific subjects.

These interactive workshops will engage with academics, clinicians, patients and industrialists as well as the wide reach of the audience will not only bring together multidisciplinary teams and initiate the development of ideas but also raise the awareness of the future blood testing in the UK and globally. Patient’s voice will be heard more effectively through the workshop which will accelerate the impact of research on patient care. The workshop will also promote research outputs Network+ directly to end-users, regulators and policymakers to influence NHS strategy, standards, guidelines and policies in remote blood monitoring areas. The workshops will also impact on next-generation researchers through allowing them to communicate their work in a wider audience, make useful contacts and to establish themselves in the future blood testing field so that the Network+ can achieve long-lasting impact.