Funding FAQs (Landscape Report)

Please get in touch with our Network+ Coordinator Samantha Kanza on if you have any questions. Questions will be added to this FAQ Page from our Town Meeting, and from any emailed in questions, so check below to see if your question has been answered.

How would we get in touch with people who want to team up?
We are putting together a list of people who are interested in collaborating noting down how they want to collaborate and their expertise, if you wish to be added to this list please email
Can a researchers be named on more than one application?

Yes that is fine, feel free to get involved with more than one application, just ensure that you have a plan for how to handle this should multiple applications naming you be funded.

Can you elaborate what you expecting from these interviews and what does obtaining ethical approval for that involve?

Typically if you are undertaking any research involving human participants, which in this case is interviewing people for the report then you need to obtain ethical approval from your university’s ethics board. This involves putting together information sheets to give to the participants, making a data protection plan stating what data you’re collecting and how you’re going to store it and who’s going to have access to it, when its going to be destroyed etc, and also lay out what the research is about. Do not panic, we are here to help, two of us sit on our respective faculty ethics boards, so we can advise on this but we need to see that you’re aware that you need to do it. Be aware that funding is conditional on getting the ethical approval, and it needs to be planned into your project timeline.

In the funding call it says up to 18 months, is there a minimum requirement for a time frame?

No, but you need to show how you plan to get the work done and justify how your plan is going to work with our timelines and how you are going to meet all of the milestones. Its flexible because we have three iterations of the report that need to be reviewed and improved and if you wish to spend a concentrated amount of time on that before each review point, or work slowly on it over a longer period of time either is fine as long as you can explain and justify it.

Are there restrictions on what we can use the funding for? Can we buy time from different staff members?

There are certain restrictions e.g. EPSRC else doesn’t permit equipment purchases. However, generally bringing in different staff members to do different tasks is fine as long as you justify your budgets and follow the EPSRC rules. E.g. PI’s are from eligible institutions, and if you are employing PhD students to do the work this has to be done in a certain way.

Can companies be the lead institutions on these funding calls?

Unfortunately not as they are not eligible to receive EPSRC funding in these instances. However, companies can be involved as project partners (who participate actively in the funding project but do not receive funding from it). Additionally, we are very interested in working with industrial collaborators so please get in touch with us and we can discuss other options, for example partnering on an Innovate UK call together.

Is there scope for this call to fund the development of mobile applications?

Not in this specific call, this is for the landscape report. However, we will be running a call for pilot projects and feasibility studies later on in the Network (one in 2022, one in 2023). We are running the landscape report call first as this will help us establish the key research priorities and focus our call around these.

Can international companies / researchers participate in this initiative?

Yes, we want our landscape reports to be international.