Throughout the duration of the Network+ we will be funding certain specific activities. These are detailed below, and further details will be released with each specific call.

Network Funding Opportunities

  • Landscape Reports: We will fund 3 research reports on areas of opportunities and barriers to progress for the community, which will be released ahead of network workshops in year 1 and associated call for proposals on the selected topic. These documents will stimulate and inform discussion on the topic and help identify areas for research, which will be explored in network workshops and funded with collaborative innovation projects.
  • Collaborative Innovation projects (CIP): These projects are to support innovative research ideas, and we will seed fund 8 of these projects at up to £62,500 (80% fEC). CIP calls for proposals will be strongly linked with the workshops that will be run throughout the duration of the Network, and will be focused on our priority research areas.

Each Funding Call will be listed below as they are launched:

  • 13/09/2022 – Funding Call 2 – Collaboration Innovation Projects
    Our second call focuses on high quality feasibility and pilot proposals. These projects should last no more than 18 months and should be in the general area of digital health systems to support remote blood monitoring, AI enabled blood sample analysis, personalised decision support, and self-management and timely intervention in community health and care.
  • 07/12/2021 – Funding Call 1 – Landscape report
    Our first funding call will be to fund work on a landscape report that will provide the roadmap of developing new digital health systems to support real-time blood monitoring, self management and timely intervention in community health and care.